Márk Lőrincz is a Concept Artist & Photographer based in Budapest, Hungary. 




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Personal thoughts

I am a dreamer with the right amount of sense for reality.
I personally see the whole world as a movie with "every piece frame coming together." Different kinds of stories crossing our ones. 

I truly want to create for a good cause but often only for beauty & joy! 

My working mind

I like to believe that my mind works in a way as the root of the tree grows. My thoughts are likely to start from a well-defined "event." They keep growing into different kinds of alternative threads. Each of them has a main path. When I question these main possibilities is when they diversify into new threads. 

I often question the way I think or the work I create. It helps me develop a more efficient way of logical thinking. To lighten up diverse perspectives is what I believe is the key to clarity. 


My motivation is to create new ways & redefine the ones already exist. 

Evolution, progression & creation. 

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